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Spin Off and Start Up

Sara ENViMOB operates in the field of project or study development in the area of protection and valorization of biodiversity and natural heritage, toward sustainable development for territories and people.
The experties areas are:
Applied bioinformatics fot the environment and cultural heritage
Solution and services for nature and tourism
Analysis, monitoring, environmental assesment, conservation and agrobiodiversity
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VIVITA aims to contribute to the wellbeing of the individual by designing and developing high quality, innovative medical devices, dermocosmetics and food supplements, with particular attention to sustainability and the environment.
1. Use active ingredients extracted from plant matrices, mainly from the recovery and processing of waste, plant by-products and processing residues from agro-food companies (green economy, circular economy).
2. Making use of new technologies and new know-how, thanks to research and development activities for the production of quality, safe and effective preparations.
3. Reducing the use of preservatives, favouring the use of substances that are also safe for pregnant women and children.